Dietary supplement contract manufacturer

Our extensive experience in the market and our modern facility have made us one of the best supplement contract manufacturing service companies in Europe.
We help you save time and energy on the production so you can focus more on selling and marketing activities!

About us

At Mirfarma we help health nutrition and sports supplement companies with production and packaging.

Located in Istanbul, the bridge between Europe and Asia, our modern facilities help companies enhance their presence in these attractive markets.

Our expertise, and extensive experience, makes us a reliable, strategic partner.

We specialize in the manufacturing and packaging of high-quality solid and liquid dietary supplements.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to serve as an international hub for coordinating operations and expansion into global markets.

We aim to provide the highest-quality manufacturing delivered with unparalleled customer service to our partners from around the world.

Our vision is to become the first choice in supplement contract manufacturing worldwide.

This requires us to build our company based on innovation, quality, and above all trust.

What sets us apart

Top-of-the-line mixing and packaging machinery in a 5,000 meter square cleanroom area

Unparalleled customer service with dedicated account management

Extensive experience in sourcing, importing and exporting supplements raw materials, and relevant regulations inside and outside of Turkey

State-of-the-art laboratory and advanced R&D and quality control facility

Why Contract Manufacturing?

There are many advantages to starting your partnership with an outsource manufacturing company. The main advantages are as follows:

1. You can save a significant amount of time and energy
A contract manufacturer has its own team and facilities to produce exactly what you want, with a specified quality and elements just in time. So while you are focusing on advertising and marketing your product, you can be sure that your products will be ready on time.

2. You can cut off extra expenses
You should always expect some unanticipated costs while dealing with different vendors who provide your raw materials, labor and so on. Working with a contract manufacturer can have a remarkable impact on your fees, especially if it is located in a low-wage country.

3. You can benefit from a very efficient production management
Most of the time, contract manufacturing companies have a lot of experience in production. As a result, they can give you not only a high-quality outcome, but also valuable feedback and suggestions for your product since they are familiar with the weaknesses and potential risks.